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  • THE GOLDEN BONE PET RESORT IS OPEN from 7am to 7pm Monday through
    Friday, Saturday 9am - 5pm, Sunday from 2pm - 4pm (June/July/August 2 PM - 5PM). The Golden Bone is fully staffed 365 days a year, but is closed for check-in and check-out on holidays. There is a $40 fee plus an extra day charge for opening the Pet Resort after hours.

  • Unlike other boarding facilities The Golden Bone does NOT charge for the "check-out" day. Pets can be left until 7pm on the day of check out without an extra day charge. Pets are charged for the "check-in" day. There may be a minimum 3-day boarding charge in July, August and on holidays. Pets that are picked up prior to their reserved depart date will be charged for one extra day. To avoid this charge please notify the Golden Bone at least one day prior to checkout.

  • *A $40 non-refundable deposit may be required for holidays and July and August boarding.

  • Owner must have written proof that all inoculations are current. These include rabies, parvo, distemper, Canine influenza and Bordetella for dogs and rabies and distemper for cats.

  • The Golden Bone features in-floor heat, air conditioning, a complete air change every 6 minutes, 28 skylights, a private room for each pet, 3 large outdoor exercise areas with in-floor heat, 9 High Definition televisions, and around-the-clock care and security. Inspection of the entire resort is welcomed and encouraged. Tours are given between the hours of 1:00pm and 3:00pm Monday through Saturday. *(Tours are NOT given during holidays and on Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays in July and August).

  • We serve all Iams dry pet food products. You are welcome to bring your own food.

  • "CHECKING IN" - Boarding can be a very exciting and pleasant experience for your pet. It can also be stressful. To eliminate as much of this stress as possible we recommend that you make your check in as short as possible. If you are stressed, your pet will be also.

  • "CHECKING OUT" - Expect your pet to take a day or two to get back to normal. It is not unusual for your pet's pooping, peeing, eating, and drinking habits to be a little off the mark. Also, do not be surprised if your pet is tired when he or she gets home. Most pets are very active at The Golden Bone!

  • All pets are exercised a minimum of four times daily in one of our new exercise areas. We do not charge extra for exercise. We also now offer play groups while your pet is boarding. All day play groups are $6.

  • The Golden Bone does not accept any bedding from home. Clean bedding is provided daily for your pet. We do this because it keeps our resort cleaner and allows us to spend more time with the pets.

  • You are welcome to bring in a few toys for your pet, but toys will not be returned at check out.
6890 FIFTH AVENUE       PITTSBURGH, PA 15208       (412) 661-7001